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about OplenacSerbian Cultural Association OPLENAC from Toronto, Canada was founded in 1986. The wishes of parents and children to protect Serbian cultural identity, linguistic and religious was a driving force in establishing SCA Oplenac. Oplenac mission is to introduce to Canadian society as a whole root of Serbian culture, heritage, folklore and music and all of cultural heritage traditions. From this desire and enthusiasm grew this Serbian association by a very high growth rate, in quantity and quality. It reached the company consisting of 8 large ensemble and large ensemble recreational groups. For the last ten years it was clear that the association is undoubtedly the best and biggest folklore group throughout North America and for the past year has been proclaimed the best and largest ensemble of the Serbian Diaspora.

Wherever Oplenac perform, we successfully introduce and celebrate Serbian culture, folklore and Serbian tradition as a whole. At the biggest festivals of folklore in Canada and in US, SCA Oplenac was elected by the governments of Ontario and Canada to represent Canada at the world-cultural folklore. President of Serbia and Montenegro has awarded SCA Oplenac with the Order of Merit of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, which is given for the cultivation of Serbian culture and heritage and expansion of national consciousness. Decoration of that magnitude was given only to a few top notch ensembles such as "Kolo," "Krsmanac", "Abrasevic" "Spanac", "Sonja Marinkovic". We are honored that we classified in the same row with the big names of our folklore and culture. We are open to new members, and to all ages.

We usually say we are home and school for those 3 to 73 years. Indeed so, our youngest ensemble has children from 3 years old, has a recreation of members of more than 70 years, but the playing and singing, they stay young at heart, and By God, and the heart. So new members, welcome to SCA Oplenac. We welcome you with brotherly and sisterly love that only Serbs carry inside, with a traditional welcome at Karadjordje's Oplenac. SCA OPLENAC has his own house of ​​over 12,000 square feet, with a large banquet hall of 5,000 square feet in which our first, second and third ensemble practice. We also have four more classrooms for folklore and Serbian language school, music school and drama school. Take your pick of what you think you are talented or what you would like to learn. You know - we Serbs are the most talented people and in Oplenac you will develop your talent beyond your expectations.

Frienships at Oplenac are great, not only on numerous trips throughout North America, but also to the homeland, where we go every other year. We hang out at our house every weekend, after each trial, because no one forces us out of, after all it's our house. Come be with us, we will grow together in a home of Serbian folklore dancing in GTA, and in the spirits of our culture and tradition, that make weddings and magnify each other, making celebrations, birthdays. It is great to see in our first ensemble those who begin to learn the first steps of folklore dancing at Oplenac. Some are even the second generation of Serbs in Opleanc, that is, children of those who started with Oplenac and with whom Oplenac began. With you, we will be more powerful and better - join us in Oplenac where everyone find something he likes.


Send us an e-mail with your name, age, and activity you are interested in to:
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from 10 am to 1 pm from September to June

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